6 June 2016

MissLLaneEous Viewfinder Shots!

I've started a new Tumblr account:


"Unlock my phone to do sommat... Last time my phone was unlocked it was on camera mode... The viewfinder shows me this view... Decide to capture it."

No filter, just happenstance :)

25 April 2016

One Hundred

I had the pleasure of kicking off Liars' League's 100th EVENT: Hundreds and Thousands, earlier this month by reading a super succinct and melancholicly tinged 100 word story - 'One Hundred Years' by Joanne L M Williams.


A transcript of the story, along with all the other 100 word stories from the night, can be found here, podcast of the whole night here and video evidence below:

Here's to the next 100!

21 April 2016


I've uploaded video footage of my most recent Lois of the Lane act 'Shake!', filmed at Properganda at The Others in December last year.

You can now find it on the YouToob!

25 February 2016

Suddenly I See This is What I Wanna Be...

Three clips from the Theatre503 preview performance of my 2012 show Fabled are now up on the YouToobz, including the memorable 'Suddenly I See' finale!

Watch the video evidence of my very, very sweaty self below:

I WAS SO PLEASED TO HAVE MADE IT THROUGH THE SHOW! What a crazy, last-minute few weeks that was...

17 February 2016

Selfie Stick all up in Yo Face

So far, February has seen me venture out to read another story for Liars' League - this time for their 'Clean and Dirty' Valentine's special.

Here I am, mid read, in my flatmate's fluffy leopard print dressing gown:


The story was entitled 'Selfie Stick' - a saucy little number, penned by Michael Clarke, which you can listen to below:

Sexual perversity in Stoke Newington: when our narrator gets bored in bed, her Swedophile hipster boyfriend suggests filming an amateur porno - in IKEA. And that ain't the half of it...

A podcast of all the 'Clean and Dirty' stories can be found right here and the mp3 and text of 'Selfie Stick' can be found here. PHWOARRRR.

27 January 2016

The MissLLaneEous EP!

I've finally smooshed some of my songs together and released my first EP!

It's available on Bandcamp TODAY:

If you like your songs, silly, catchy and upbeat, then this one's for you :)

20 January 2016

Ugly Bones

Piney Gir's haunting new video (WOT I AM IN!) is premiering over at Impose Magazine.

We had much fun making it last year :D

Check it out HERE!